Monday, June 8, 2009

Cloud Oriented Business Architecture

You can't help but run into a cloud lately. I just finished reading Peter Fingar's article for BPTrends on Extreme Competition where he outlines Cloud Oriented Business Architecture (COBA). My initial reaction is that, for large corporations, this is not much different than the idea of extended enterprise. While it does include the social networking aspect which is huge, the article did not put forward much more than a Service Oriented - Business as Service model where an organization hones its core competencies and relies on partners (whether negotiated at the time or contractual) to fulfill the rest of the value delivery cycle. He does mention an idea called Value Threads as opposed to Porter's value chains, but this seems a bit ethereal as enterprises are currently using rules platforms to customize process for different types/segments of customers.

I can see, from a holon/rhizome perspective (ask if you're interested) where this can bring up some interesting discussions. Still....I think its a repackaging (or continuous improvement) of some very well known ideas and concepts.

I've started a discussion on this topic on our social site: hope you join us


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