Friday, March 20, 2009

The Organizational Mind

The organizational mind is a unique structure, composed of both tacit and explicit elements. It is directly related to competence and closely related to capacity and capability. The tacit elements are contained in the minds of the members of the organization where the explicit elements are part of the organizational memory. Why is this important? Tacit minds can walk. They are borrowed, or more properly rented, by the organization and form a symbiotic relationship with the organization. The explicit mind belongs to the organization. It use to be captured on paper, but in today's world the strength of the explicit mind is in the use of automated agents. In reality, much of the organizational mind is tacit and much of what is explicit is still randomly captured in fragmented bits ranging from paper records to excel files to fully automated intelligent systems. Still, this is the organizational mind and its structure has a profound effect on the adaptability and sustainability of an organization which I will explore in another post.


The Business Architect

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